HUSQVARNA FUEL FILTERThe Splitstream Fuel Filter is developed to keep your Fuel Injected Bike running without any Fuel issues .
All dirt, like sand, dust, debris and other very small particles, which enter your fuel tank during filling up will damage your expensive Fuel Pump and Injector Nozzle .
Finally the dirt, like sand, dust, debris and other very small particles will clog up the Injector Nozzle as this part has very small 30 micron holes . ( The Splitstream Fuel Filter Mesh we use is 25 Micron ! )
All these above mentioned issues will cause a bad running bike as it will get too lean on fuel due to the above mentioned problems with the fuel pump and Injector Nozzle .
Since several years we have sold plenty of the Splitstream Fuel Filters with very good feedback and excellent results . For the moment we also have the Splitstream Fuel Filter for the HUSQVARNA TC 250/350/450 and FE 250/350/450 2014/2015 models .

Check the Images on our product section to see exactly how the Fuel Filter is placed in the Fuel Tank !

Application :

- HONDA CRF 250 2010/2015 / CRF 450 2009/2015
- KAWASAKI KXF 250 2011/2015 / KXF 450 2009/2015
- KTM SXF 250/350 2011/2012 ( Also fits all KTM SX, KTM SXF, KTM EXC models with 3/4 turn Fuel Tank Cap ! )
- KTM SX/SXF 2013/2015 with Screw Tank Cap
- HUSQVARNA FC 250 / 350 / 450 2014/2015
- HUSQVARNA FE 250 / 350 / 450 2014/2015

- Patents Pending on all Splitstream Fuel Filter Products .

For delivery or information check our distributor section http:­/­/www­.split-stream­.com­/distributors or contact directly .

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