SPLITSTREAM HI-FLOW YAMAHA YZ250F IMPELLERThe 2014/2016 Yamaha YZF 250 introduced a new lightweight plastic waterpump impeller design that is proving to be problematic because of the waterpump shaft snapping in half !
Riders are reporting failure at an alarming rate at around the 5 hour point and there has been at least one failure on a stock bike as early as 1.5 hours of race use . This is especially concerning as you won’t know that it has failed untill it is too late and serious engine damage may have occurred from overheating . We developed this waterpump shaft kit out of a heat treated billet steel with a bronze surface treatment to prevent corrosion and improve resistance to wear .
This waterpump shaft kit solves the problem for good and is available as a standard and oversized version .

Available in Hi-Flow version and Standard version for YAMAHA YZF 250 2014/2016 .

Install a kit today before it’s too late !


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