Splitstream Racing Products

Splitstream Racing Products develops and distributes special parts for the MX and Off-Road market. With the own technology and production and import of High Quality materials and parts we garantee the best results with the Splitstream Racing Products and R&D Racing Products as the R&D Power Bowl and R&D Power Pump.

Different Splitstream Racing Products are available for most MX and Off-Road bikes from 65cc upto 450cc , 2 -Stroke and 4-Stroke.

Worldwide delivery through our different Distributors garantees fast delivery of our products all over the world.

With the technical support of teams as well as testing and development with professional riders, our company always comes to the best and latest Splitstream Racing Products which will be used by national and international riders and teams all over the world.



The Splitstream Fuel Filter is developed to keep your Fuel Injected Bike running without any Fuel issues .
All dirt, like sand, dust, debris and other very small particles, which enter your fuel tank during filling up will damage your expensive Fuel Pump and Injector Nozzle .
Finally the dirt, like sand, dust, debris and other very small particles will clog up the Injector Nozzle as this part has very small 30 micron holes . ( The Splitstream Fuel Filter Mesh we use is 25 Micron ! )
All these above mentioned issues will cause a bad running bike as it will get too lean on fuel due to the above mentioned problems with the fuel pump and Injector Nozzle .
Since several years we have sold plenty of the Splitstream Fuel Filters with very good feedback and excellent results . For the moment we also have the Splitstream Fuel Filter for the HUSQVARNA TC 250/350/450 and FE 250/350/450 2014/2015 models .

Check the Images on our product section to see exactly how the Fuel Filter is placed in the Fuel Tank !

Application :

- HONDA CRF 250 2010/2015 / CRF 450 2009/2015
- KAWASAKI KXF 250 2011/2015 / KXF 450 2009/2015
- KTM SXF 250/350 2011/2012 ( Also fits all KTM SX, KTM SXF, KTM EXC models with 3/4 turn Fuel Tank Cap ! )
- KTM SX/SXF 2013/2015 with Screw Tank Cap
- HUSQVARNA FC 250 / 350 / 450 2014/2015
- HUSQVARNA FE 250 / 350 / 450 2014/2015

- Patents Pending on all Splitstream Fuel Filter Products .

For delivery or information check our distributor section http:­/­/www­.split-stream­.com­/distributors or contact info@split-stream.com directly .